San Antonio Indecency With a Child Defense Attorney

The crime of indecency with a child is a very serious crime. Indecency with a child involves touching a child in their breast or genital area, even if the child is fully clothed. This crime can also be committed by indecent exposure in the presence of a child.

If you are facing criminal charges for indecency with a minor, it is critical to hire a defense lawyer who understands how to fight the charges and who will work aggressively to protect your future. Persons who are convicted of indecency with a child will face second and third degree felonies. Penalties may include any combination of the following:

• Imprisonment
• Probation
• Sex offender classes
• Anger management classes
• Restitution for the victim
• Community service

If you have been falsely accused of indecency with a child, an underage person, juvenile or minor in San Antonio, it is important to immediately contact an experienced child sexual abuse defense lawyer.

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