Arrested for Drunk Driving in San Antonio?

Being convicted of a DWI is a serious criminal offense. DWI is a serious crime with serious consequences, such as loss or suspension of your driver’s license, loss of employment, family strife, and the loss of your freedom. The DWI arrest is just the beginning of a legal process. It doesn’t necessarily mean automatic jail time, fines, or loss of driving privileges—but you need to know how to steer your way through this and guard your rights to have the greatest chance of a positive outcome. If you or a loved one has been arrested for drunk driving in San Antonio, it is important to contact the Law Offices of David D. Christian.

Our firm represents clients in DWI cases including:

• Drunk Driving
• Intoxication Assault
• Intoxication Manslaughter
• ALR Hearings
• License Suspension/Revocation
• Underage Drunk Driving
• Driving A Commerical Truck While Intoxicated

If you’ve been charged with drunk driving, it’s important to contact an experienced DWI / DUI lawyer as soon as possible to challenge the suspension of your drivers license. The Law Offices of David Christian stands ready to defend you or your loved one against a DWI or DUI charge.

Contact a San Antonio DWI Defense Attorney

The Law Offices of David D. Christian believes that defense is about asserting and protecting your constitutional rights, with the law firm of David D. Christian representing your interests; you’ll have the benefit of his experience on your side. Contact us today at 210-224-5010.