San Antonio Aggravated Sexual Assault Attorney

Simply being charged with aggravated sexual assault can have a serious, long-term impact on your reputation, but the most damaging thing that can happen is for you to be placed on the sex offender registry. At the Law Offices of David D. Christian, we understand the anxieties and stresses you are mostly likely enduring when confronted with allegations of aggravated sexual assault or other state or federal sex offense.
The Law Offices of David D. Christian represents individuals charged with aggravated sexual assault including:
• Serious bodily injury to the alleged victim or witness
• Threats of serious bodily injury, death, or kidnapping
• More than one alleged perpetrator (“gang crimes”)
• Use of a deadly weapon
• A minor under the age of 14 (child sexual assault, child molestation, or statutory rape)
• Use of known “date rape drugs”
There is a proven social stigma surrounding sex crimes, and you will be fighting an uphill battle to clear your name and prove your innocence. If you have a prior criminal record, the odds against you are only increased. Sometimes adults use children to make sexual assault allegations to further some agenda of their own, and authorities sometimes question a child in such a way as to elicit the answers they are looking for, resulting in a false accusation.
Never take the chance of harming your future by allowing police or prosecutor to violate your constitutional rights. Contact a San Antonio Aggravated Sexual Assault Attorney today. The firm offers initial consultations to anyone in need of defense from state or federal criminal charges. Contact us today at 210-224-5010.